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Accepted Papers

  • Elena Akhmatova and Mark Dras. Entailment due to Syntactically Encoded Semantic Relationships
  • Ari Chanen and Jon Patrick. Measuring Correlation Between Linguist's Judgments and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topics
  • Dominique Estival, Tanja Gaustad van Zaanen, Son Bao Pham, Will Radford and Ben Hutchinson. TAT: an author profiling tool with application to Arabic emails
  • Su Nam Kim, Meladel Mistica and Timothy Baldwin. Extending Sense Collocations in Interpreting Noun Compounds
  • Scott Nowson and Robert Dale. Charting Democracy Across Parsers
  • Nicola Stokes, Yi Li, Lawrence Cavedon and Justin Zobel. Exploring Abbreviation Expansion for Genomic Information Retrieval
  • David Vadas and James R. Curran. Parsing Internal Noun Phrase Structure with Collins' Models
  • Dongqiang Yang and David Powers. An Empirical Investigation into Grammatically Constrained Contexts in predicting distributional similarity
  • Willy Yap and Timothy Baldwin. Dictionary Alignment for Context-sensitive Word Glossing
  • Simon Zwarts and Mark Dras. Statistical Machine Translation of Australian Aboriginal Languages: Morphological Analysis with Languages of Differing Morphological Richness
  • Mary Gardiner and Mark Dras. Exploring approaches to discriminating among near-synonyms
  • Tobias Hawker, Mary Gardiner and Andrew Bennetts. Practical Queries of a Massive n-gram Database
  • Diego Molla, Menno van Zaanen and Steve Cassidy. Named Entity Recognition in Question Answering of Speech Data
  • Tara Murphy and James Curran. Experiments in Mutual Exclusion Bootstrapping
  • Bahadorreza Ofoghi, John Yearwood and Liping Ma. Two-Step Comprehensive Open Domain Text Annotation with Frame Semantics
  • Luiz Augusto Pizzato and Diego Molla. Question Prediction Language Model

Student Posters

  • Benjamin Goudey, Nicola Stokes and David Martinez. Exploring extensions to machine-learning based gene normalisation
  • Daniel Tse and James Curran. Extending CCGbank with quotes and multi-modal CCG
  • Laura Ingram and James Curran. Distributional Similarity of Multi-Word Expressions


The Australasian Language Technology Workshop is being organised by ALTA, the Australasian Language Technology Association.

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