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About ALTSS 2004

The Australasian Language Technology Summer School is being organised by ALTA, the Australasian Language Technology Association. The summer school will consist of a range of courses targeted at postgraduate students and researchers in academia and industry.

Courses will take place on 4-7 December at Macquarie University and the event will be co-llocated with the Australasian Language Technology Workshop (ALTWS 2004) and the Australian International Conference on Speech Science & Technology (SST 2004).

Introductory Courses

The introductory courses do not presuppose any specific knowledge of language technology, though some knowledge of computing will be assumed. These courses are ideal for students who want to start postgraduate studies in the area, researchers who want to learn about language technology, and those in industry who want to learn about the possibilities for language tecnology in industry.

Advanced Courses

The advanced courses are targeted at specific topics within the area of language technology. Basic knowledge in language technology at the level of Honours, Masters, or equivalent is assumed.

The introductory and advanced courses will run in parallel so that attendees will be able to attend all the courses in one level if they so wish.

About ALTA

Most human knowledge, and most human communication, is represented and expressed using language, both in written and spoken forms. Language technologies permit computers to process human language, providing more natural human-machine interfaces, and more sophisticated access to stored information. Language technologies will play a central role in the multilingual information society of the future. The purpose of the Australasian Language Technology Association is to promote language technology research and development in Australia and New Zealand. ALTA will organise regular events for the exchange of research results and for academic and industrial training, and will co-ordinate activities with other professional societies.

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