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ALTA 2010 Accepted Papers

Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin, Classifying User Forum Participants: Separating the Gurus from the Hacks, and Other Tales of the Internet

Shunichi Ishihara, Variability and Consistency in the Idiosyncratic Selection of Fillers in Japanese Monologues: Gender Differences

Michael Curtotti and Eric McCreath, Corpus Based Classification of Text in Australian Contracts

Li Wang, Su Nam Kim and Timothy Baldwin, Thread-level Analysis over Technical User Forum Data

Alexandra Uitdenbogerd, Fun with Filtering French

Susan Howlett and Mark Dras, Dual-Path Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

Yue Li and David Martinez, Information Extraction of Multiple Categories from Pathology Reports

Diego Molla, A Corpus for Evidence Based Medicine Summarisation

Sze-Meng Jojo Wong and Mark Dras, Parser Features for Sentence Grammaticality Classification

Jette Viethen and Robert Dale, Speaker-Dependent Variation in Content Selection for Referring Expression Generation

Dominick Ng, Matthew Honnibal and James R. Curran, Reranking a wide-coverage CCG parser

Simon Zwarts, Mark Johnson and Robert Dale, Repurposing Corpora for Speech Repair Detection: Two Experiments

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