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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop

Volume 7, 2009
ISSN 1834-7037

Luiz Pizzato (University of Sydney)
Rolf Schwitter (Macquarie University)

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pdf bib Front matter  
Plenary speaker
pdf bib Spoken Dialogue Models for Virtual Humans
David Traum
pp. 1–1
Full papers
pdf bib Evaluation of Generic Relation Identification
Ben Hachey
pp. 2–10
pdf bib Tracking Information Flow in Financial Text
Will Radford, Ben Hachey, James R Curran and Maria Milosavljevic
pp. 11–19
pdf bib Classifying articles in English and German Wikipedia
Nicky Ringland, Joel Nothman, Tara Murphy and James R Curran
pp. 20–28
pdf bib The AusNC Project: Plans, Progress and Implications for Language Technology
Simon Musgrave and Michael Haugh
pp. 29–34
pdf bib Corpus-based Extraction of Japanese Compound Verbs
James Breen and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 35–43
pdf bib Double Double, Morphology and Trouble: Looking into Reduplication in Indonesian
Meladel Mistica, Wayan Arka, Timothy Baldwin and Avery Andrews
pp. 44–52
pdf bib Contrastive Analysis and Native Language Identification
Sze-Meng Jojo Wong and Mark Dras
pp. 53–61
pdf bib Faster parsing and supertagging model estimation
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Jessika Roesner and James Curran
pp. 62–70
pdf bib CCG parsing with one syntactic structure per n-gram
Tim Dawborn and James R. Curran
pp. 71–79
pdf bib An Update on PENG Light
Colin White and Rolf Schwitter
pp. 80–88
Short papers
pdf bib A Sentiment Detection Engine for Internet Stock Message Boards
Christopher Chua, Maria Milosavljevic and James R. Curran
pp. 89–93
pdf bib Extracting Domain-Specific Words - A Statistical Approach
Su Nam Kim, Timothy Baldwin and Min-Yen Kan
pp. 94–98
pdf bib A Cascade Approach to Extracting Medication Events
Jon Patrick and Min Li
pp. 99–103
pdf bib Improved Text Categorisation for Wikipedia Named Entities
Sam Tardif, James R Curran and Tara Murphy
pp. 104–108
pdf bib Towards a flexible platform for voice accent and expression selection on a Healthcare Robot
Aleksandar Igic, Catherine Watson, Jonathan Teutenberg, Elizabeth Broadbent, Rie Tamagawa and Bruce MacDonald
pp. 109–113
pdf bib Integrating Verb-Particle Constructions into CCG Parsing
James Constable and James Curran
pp. 114–118
pdf bib From Lexical Entailment to Recognizing Textual Entailment Using Linguistic Resources
Bahadorreza Ofoghi and John Yearwood
pp. 119–123

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