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ALTA 2009 Accepted Papers

Oral Presentations -- Full Papers

  • James Breen and Timothy Baldwin
    Corpus-based Extraction of Japanese Compound Verbs
  • Meladel Mistica, Wayan Arka, Timothy Baldwin and Avery Andrews
    Double Double, Morphology and Trouble: Looking into Reduplication in Indonesian
  • Sze-Meng Jojo Wong and Mark Dras
    Contrastive Analysis and Native Language Identification
  • Colin White and Rolf Schwitter
    An Update on PENG Light
  • Simon Musgrave and Michael Haugh
    The AusNC Project: Plans, Progress and Implications for Language Technology
  • Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Jessika Roesner and James Curran
    Faster parsing and supertagging model estimation
  • Ben Hachey
    Evaluation of Generic Relation Identification
  • Will Radford, Ben Hachey, James R Curran and Maria Milosavljevic
    Tracking Information Flow in Financial Text
  • Nicky Ringland, Joel Nothman, Tara Murphy and James R Curran
    Classifying articles in English and German Wikipedia
  • Tim Dawborn and James R. Curran
    CCG parsing with one syntactic structure per n-gram

Oral Presentations -- Short Papers

  • Bahadorreza Ofoghi and John Yearwood
    From Lexical Entailment to Recognizing Textual Entailment Using Linguistic Resources
  • Su Nam Kim, Timothy Baldwin and Min-Yen Kan
    Extracting Domain-Specific Words - A Statistical Approach
  • Jeremy Nicholson and Timothy Baldwin
    Grammatical Gender in Wambaya (withdrawn)
  • Aleksandar Igic, Catherine Watson, Jonathan Teutenberg, Elizabeth Broadbent, Rie Tamagawa and Bruce MacDonald
    Towards a flexible platform for voice accent and expression selection on a Healthcare Robot
  • Jon Patrick and Min Li
    A Cascade Approach to Extracting Medication Events
  • Christopher Chua, Maria Milosavljevic and James R. Curran
    A Sentiment Detection Engine for Internet Stock Message Boards
  • Sam Tardif, James R Curran and Tara Murphy
    Improved Text Categorisation for Wikipedia Named Entities
  • James Constable and James Curran
    Integrating Verb-Particle Constructions into CCG Parsing

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