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ALTA 2012 Accepted papers

Long papers

Jim Breen, Francis Bond and Timothy Baldwin. Extraction and Translation of Japanese Multi-word Loanwords

Minh Duc Cao and Ingrid Zukerman. Experimental Evaluation of a Lexicon- and Corpus-based Ensemble for Multi-way Sentiment Analysis

Mary Gardiner and Mark Dras. Valence Shifting: Is It A Valid Task?

Yvette Graham, Timothy Baldwin, Aaron Harwood, Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel. Measurement of Progress in Machine Translation

Marco Lui, Timothy Baldwin and Diana McCarthy. Unsupervised Estimation of Word Usage Similarity

Teresa Lynn, Jennifer Foster, Mark Dras and Elaine Ui Dhonnchadha. Active Learning and the Irish Treebank

Angrosh M.A., Stephen Cranefield and Nigel Stanger. A Citation Centric Annotation Scheme for Scientific Articles

Jenny Mcdonald, Alistair Knott and Richard Zeng. Free-text input vs menu selection: exploring the difference with a tutorial dialogue system.

Abeed Sarker, Diego Molla and Cecile Paris. Towards Two-step Multi-document Summarisation for Evidence Based Medicine: A Quantitative Analysis

Alex Smith, Christopher Zee and Alexandra Uitdenbogerd. In Your Eyes: Identifying Clichés in Song Lyrics

Michael Symonds, Guido Zuccon, Bevan Koopman, Peter Bruza and Anthony Nguyen. Semantic Judgement of Medical Concepts: Combining Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Information with the Tensor Encoding Model

Short papers

Paul Cook and Marco Lui. for better language modelling

Robert Fromont and Jennifer Hay. LaBB-CAT: an Annotation Store

Jared Willett, David Martinez, Angus Webb and Timothy Baldwin. Classification of Study Region in Environmental Science Abstracts


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