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Accepted Papers

Oral Presentation

  • Susan Howlett and James Curran. "Automatic Acquisition of Training Data for Statistical Parsers"
  • Tobias Kuhn and Rolf Schwitter. "Writing Support for Controlled Natural Languages"
  • Tara McIntosh and James R. Curran. "Weighted Mutual Exclusion Bootstrapping for Domain Independent Lexicon and Template Acquisition"
  • Dominick Ng, David J. Kedziora, Terry T. W. Miu and James R. Curran. "Investigating Features for Classifying Noun Relations"
  • Katie Bell and James R. Curran. "Answer Attenuation in Question Answering"
  • Joel Nothman, James Curran and Tara Murphy. "Transforming Wikipedia into Named Entity Training Data"
  • Olivia March and Timothy Baldwin. "Automatic Event Reference Identification for Text Summarisation"
  • Cecile Paris, Nathalie Colineau, Andrew Lampert and Joan Giralt Duran. "Fit it in but say it well!"
  • Andrew Lampert, Robert Dale and Cecile Paris. "Requests and Commitments in Email are More Complex Than You Think: Eight Reasons to be Cautious"
  • Clint Burfoot. "Using multiple sources of agreement information for sentiment classification of political transcripts"
  • Ari Chanen and Jon Patrick. "All-Topology, Semi-Abstract Syntactic Features for Text Categorization"
  • Jette Viethen and Robert Dale. "Generating Relational References: What Makes a Difference?"
  • Eliza Margaretha and Ruli Manurung. "Comparing the value of Latent Semantic Analysis on two English-to-Indonesian lexical mapping tasks: What is it good for?"
  • Jeremy Nicholson and Timothy Baldwin. "Learning Count Classifier Preferences of Malay Nouns"

Poster Presentation

  • Femphy Pisceldo, Rahmad Mahendra, Ruli Manurung and I Wayan Arka. "A Two-Level Morphological Analyser for the Indonesian Language"
  • Michael Fridkin and David Dowe. "Lexical Access via Phoneme to Grapheme conversion"
  • Zhihan Li, Yue Xu and Shlomo Geva. "Text Mining Based Query Expansion for Chinese IR"
  • Jonathan K. Kummerfeld and James R. Curran. "Classification of Verb Particle Constructions with the Google Web1T Corpus"
  • Simon Zwarts and Mark Dras. "Morphosyntactic Target Language Matching in Statistical Machine Translation"
  • Daniel Tse and James Curran. "Punctuation normalisation for cleaner treebanks and parsers"


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