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Wednesday November 29 2006

    7.30p-11.00pm: Conference Dinner

    • HCSNet Conference Dinner Holme Building Refectory, University of Sydney, Cost: $30 non-students, $20 students

Thursday November 30 2006

    9.00am-10.45am: Session 1

    • Welcome and Opening
    • Evidence for gradient salience: What happens with competing non-salient referents during pronoun resolution?
      Ralph L. Rose
    • Error correction using utterance disambiguation techniques
      Peter Vlugter, Edwin van der Ham, and Alistair Knott
    • Classifying speech acts using verbal response modes
      Andrew Lampert, Robert Dale, and Cecile Paris

    10.45am-11.15am: Coffee break

    11.15am-12.45pm: Session 2

    • Verb sense disambiguation using selectional preferences extracted with a state-of-the-art semantic role labeler
      Patrick Ye and Timothy Baldwin
    • Word relatives in context for word sense disambiguation
      David Martinez, Eneko Agirre, and Xinglong Wang
    • Die morphologie (f): targeted lexical acquisition for languages other than English
      Jeremy Nicholson, Timothy Baldwin, and Phil Blunsom

    12.45pm-2.00pm: Lunch (provided by HCSNet)

    2.00pm-3.30pm: Poster Session

    Accepted papers

    • Improved default sense selection for word sense disambiguation
      Tobias Hawker and Matthew Honnibal
    • Automatic mapping clinical notes to medical terminologies
      Jon Patrick, Yefeng Wang and Peter Budd
    • Pseudo relevance feedback using named entities for Question Answering
      Luiz Augusto Pizzato, Diego Molla, and Cecile Paris
    • Web readability and Computer-Assisted Language Learning
      Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd
    • Questions require an answer: A deductive perspective on questions and answers
      Willemijn Vermaat
    • Towards the evaluation of referring expression generation
      Jette Viethen and Robert Dale

    Student posters

    • Analysis and prediction of user behaviour in a museum environment
      Karl Grieser, Tim Baldwin and Steven Bird
    • Using dialogue acts to suggest responses in support services via Instant Messaging
      Edward Ivanovic
    • Probabilities improve stress-prediction in a CFG of Hawaiian phonology
      'Oiwi Parker Jones
    • Towards cognitive optimisation of a search engine interface
      Kenneth Treharne, Darius Pfitzner and David M. W. Powers
    • Natural language processing and XML retrieval
      Alan Woodley, Xavier Tannier, Marcus Hassler, and Shlomo Geva
    • Extracting patient clinical profiles from case reports
      Yitao Zhang and Jon Patrick

    3.30pm-4.00pm: Coffee break

    4.00pm-4.30pm: Session 3

    • Efficient combinatory categorial grammar parsing
      Bojan Djordjevic and James R. Curran

    4.30pm-5.30pm: HCSNet Keynote Presentation

    • Robust multimodal understanding for interactive systems
      Michael Johnston (AT&T Labs Research)

    5.30pm-6.00pm: Drinks (courtesy of HCSNet)

    6.00pm: Music Recital (courtesy of HCSNet)

Friday December 1 2006

    9.00am-10.00am: HCSNet Keynote Presentation

    • Human-computer interaction based on acoustic signals, muscle movements, and brainwaves
      Tanja Schultz (Carnegie Mellon University)

    10.15am-10.45am: Session 4

    • Computational semantics in the Natural Language Toolkit
      Ewan Klein

    10.45am-11.15am: Coffee break

    11.15am-12.45pm: Session 5

    • Experiments with sentence classification
      Anthony Khoo, Yuval Marom and David Albrecht
    • Invited Presentation: User modeling for language technologists
      Judy Kay (University of Sydney)

    12.45pm-1.30pm: Lunch (provided by HCSNet)

    1.30pm-2.30pm: ALTA Annual General Meeting

    2.30pm-3.30pm: Session 6

    • Named entity recognition for Question Answering
      Diego Molla, Menno van Zaanen, and Daniel Smith
    • Named entity recognition for astronomy literature
      Tara Murphy, Tara McIntosh, and James R. Curran

    3.30pm-4.00pm: Coffee break

    4.00pm-5.15pm: Session 7

    • This phrase-based SMT system is out of order: Generalised word reordering in machine translation
      Simon Zwarts and Mark Dras
    • Using dependency-based features to take the "para-farce" out of paraphrase
      Stephen Wan, Mark Dras, Robert Dale, and Cecile Paris
    • Workshop Close

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