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Accepted Papers

Full papers (with long presentation)

Diego Molla, Christopher Jones and Abeed Sarker. Impact of Citing Papers for Summarisation of Clinical Documents

Su Nam Kim, Ingrid Zukerman, Thomas Kleinbauer and Masud Moshtaghi. A Comparative Study of Weighting Schemes for the Interpretation of Spoken Referring Expressions

Tudor Groza and Karin Verspoor. Automated Generation of Test Suites for Error Analysis of Concept Recognition Systems

Bella Robinson, Hua Bai, Robert Power and Xunguo Lin. Developing a Sina Weibo Incident Monitor for Disasters

Fumiyo Fukumoto, Shougo Ushiyama, Yoshimi Suzuki and Suguru Matsuyoshi. The Effect of Temporal-based Term Selection for Text Classification

Michael Niemann. Finding expertise using online community dialogue and the Duality of Expertise

Sunghwan Kim, John Pate and Mark Johnson. The Effect of Dependency Representation Scheme on Syntactic Language Modelling

Haoxing Wang and Laurianne Sitbon. Multilingual lexical resources to detect cognates in non-aligned texts

Alexander Hogue, Joel Nothman and James R. Curran. Unsupervised Biographical Event Extraction Using Wikipedia Traffic

Kristy Hughes, Joel Nothman and James R. Curran. Trading accuracy for faster named entity linking

Short papers (with short presentation)

Dominique Estival and Steve Cassidy. Alveo, a Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory

Mohammad Aliannejadi, Masoud Kiaeeha, Shahram Khadivi and Saeed Shiry Ghidary. Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields For Spoken Language Understanding Using Unaligned Data

Jennifer Biggs and Michael Broughton. OCR and Automated Translation for the Navigation of non-English Handsets: A Feasibility Study with Arabic

Simon Kocbek, Karin Verspoor and Wray Buntine. Exploring Temporal Patterns in Emergency Department Triage Notes with Topic Models

Tatyana Shmanina, Lawrence Cavedon and Ingrid Zukerman. Challenges in Information Extraction from Tables in Biomedical Research Publications: a Dataset Analysis

Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Andrew MacKinlay, Justin Bedo, Rahil Garvani and Qiang Chen. Deep Belief Networks and Biomedical Text Categorisation

Short papers (with poster presentation)

Miji Choi, Karin Verspoor and Justin Zobel. Analysis of Coreference Relations in the Biomedical Literature

Randil Pushpananda, Ruvan Weerasinghe and Mahesan Niranjan. Sinhala-Tamil Machine Translation: Towards better Translation Quality

Shervin Malmasi. Finnish Native Language Identification

Shervin Malmasi. A Data-driven Approach to Studying Given Names and their Gender-Ethnicity Associations


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