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ALTA 2013 Accepted papers

Full papers

Marco Lui and Paul Cook. Classifying English Documents by National Dialect

Shunichi Ishihara. The Effect of the Within-speaker Sample Size on the Performance of Likelihood Ratio Based Forensic Voice Comparison: Monte Carlo Simulations

Yvette Graham, Timothy Baldwin, Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel. Crowd-Sourcing of Human Judgments of Machine Translation Fluency

Hanna Suominen and Gabriela Ferraro. Noise in Speech-to-Text Voice: Analysis of Errors and Feasibility of Phonetic Similarity for Their Correction

Tim O'Keefe, Kellie Webster, James R. Curran and Irena Koprinska. Examining the Impact of Coreference Resolution on Quote Attribution

Robert Power, Bella Robinson and David Ratcliffe. Finding Fires with Twitter

Shunichi Ishihara. A Comparative Study of Likelihood Ratio Based Forensic Text Comparison in Procedures: Multivariate Kernel Density vs. Gaussian Mixture Model-Universal Background Model

Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha, Diego Molla and K Ravikumar. Multi-Objective Optimization for Clustering of Medical Publications

Stephen Wan and Cecile Paris. A Study: From Electronic Laboratory Notebooks to Generated Queries for Literature Recommendation

Short papers

Farshid Zavareh, Ingrid Zukerman, Su Nam Kim and Kleinbauer Thomas. Error Detection in Automatic Speech Recognition

Antti Puurula. Cumulative Progress in Language Models for Information Retrieval

Rolf Schwitter. Working with Defaults in a Controlled Natural Language

Tatyana Shmanina, Ingrid Zukerman, Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Lawrence Cavedon and Karin Verspoor. Impact of Corpus Diversity and Complexity on NER Performance


Jared Willett, David Martinez, J. Angus Webb and Timothy Baldwin. Automatic Climate Classification of Environmental Science Literature

Shunichi Ishihara. Differences in Speaker Individualising Information between Case Particles and Fillers in Spoken Japanese

Jason Brown and Sam Mandal. Rhythm, Metrics, and the Link to Phonology


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