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Program Committee

Ash Asudeh, University of Canterbury (NZ) (Co-chair)
Cecile Paris, CSIRO (AU) (Co-chair)
Stephen Wan, CSIRO and Macquarie University (AU) (Student Chair)
Steven Bird, University of Melbourne (AU)
Steve Cassidy, Macquarie University (AU)
Nathalie Colineau, CSIRO (AU)
Dominique Estival, DSTO (AU)
James Curran, Sydney University (AU)
Alistair Knott, University of Otago (NZ)
Mirella Lapata, University of Sheffield (UK)
Corrin Lakeland, University of Otago (NZ)
Nadine Ozkan, Scansoft (Canada)
Hiroshi Masuichi, Fujixerox (JP)
Daniel Midgley, University of Western Australia (AU)
Harold Somers, UMIST (UK)


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