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Welcome to the Student Resources page on the ALTA website.  It provides information on the following:

From January 2011, the student member on the ALTA committee is Li Wang, a PhD student at the University of Melbourne. Please contact Li ( about any student related issues or ideas you may have regarding ALTA. Currently, the student webpages are undergoing changes, so I encourage you to come back in few weeks again. Suggestions for improving or adding to the resources provided on this webpage are particularly welcome.

Theses written by ALTA members:

A list of theses in computational linguistics or language technology written and/or supervised by past and present ALTA members. The idea is to showcase the research work of ALTA members and institutions.

Australasian Language Technology Summer School:

The Australasian Language Technology Summer School (ALTSS) consists of short courses, targetted at postgraduate students and researchers in academia and industry. There are generally introductory courses where no prior knowledge of language technology is required and advanced courses to further existing knowledge in the area.

Student exchanges within Australasia:

Specific information post-graduate student exchanges between departments will be available here.

Exchange funding opportunities:
  • Nothing available at the moment.

  • Scholarship and Funding Links:

    This is list of scholarships that are particularly related to the field of Language Technology.  

    Vacation Internship Programs:

    Social Matters:

    Here we list some links related to social activity of ALTA members and networking:

    For any comments or questions about these pages please contact the ALTA secretary.

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