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Updates to ALTSS 2003

Below is an update to some of the courses, talks and lectures delivered in the Australasian Language Technology Summer School held in Melbourne in December 2003.

Introductory Courses

  • Practical NLP Using Python: Trevor Cohn and Steven Bird, Melbourne University
    • Day 1 [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
    • Day 2 [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
  • Dialogue Systems: Robert Dale, Macquarie University and Dominique Estival, DSTO
    • Session 3: Grammar Writing for SLDSs [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
    • Session 4: The Bigger Picture [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
    • Example Solution [pdf] (last update: January 01 1970)

Advanced Courses

  • Statistical Parsing: Mark Johnson, Brown University [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
  • SVMs and Kernel Methods in NLP: Jim Hogan, QUT [zip] (last update: December 11 2003)

Public Lectures

  • Approximate String Matching: Ricardo Baeza-Yates, University of Chile [pdf] (last update: April 21 2004)
  • Discourse Representation Theory: Alistair Knott, University of Otago [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
  • Text Planning: Robert Dale, Macquarie University
    • Text Planning in the Large: Discourse Structure [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
    • Texp Planning in the Small: Referring Expressions [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)
  • Language Technologies and HCI: Cecile Paris, CSIRO [pdf] (last update: March 12 2004)
  • Deep Lexical Acquisition: Timothy Baldwin, CSLI Stanford [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)


  • Building Lamp-posts: Mark Johnson, Brown University [pdf] (last update: December 22 2003)

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