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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop

Volume 8, 2010
ISSN 1834-7037

Nitin Indurkhya (University of New South Wales and eBay Research Labs)
Simon Zwarts (Macquarie University)

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pdf bib Front matter
pdf bib Opinion Mining, Subjectivity and Factuality
Rodolfo Delmonte
pp. 2–2
pdf bib Language Technology: A View From The Trenches
Casey Whitelaw
pp. 3–3
pdf bib Multilingual Language Identification: ALTW 2010 Shared Task Data
Timothy Baldwin and Marco Lui
pp. 4–7
pdf bib Variability and Consistency in the Idiosyncratic Selection of Fillers in Japanese Monologues: Gender Differences
Shunichi Ishihara
pp. 9–17
pdf bib Corpus Based Classification of Text in Australian Contracts
Michael Curtotti and Eric McCreath
pp. 18–26
pdf bib Thread-level Analysis over Technical User Forum Data
Li Wang, Su Nam Kim and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 27–31
pdf bib Dual-Path Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Susan Howlett and Mark Dras
pp. 32–40
pdf bib Information Extraction of Multiple Categories from Pathology Reports}/i>
Yue Li and David Martinez
pp. 41–48
pdf bib Classifying User Forum Participants: Separating the Gurus from the Hacks, and Other Tales of the Internet
Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 49–57
pdf bib Fun with Filtering French
Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd
pp. 58–66
pdf bib Parser Features for Sentence Grammaticality Classification
Sze-Meng Jojo Wong and Mark Dras
pp. 67–75
pdf bib A Corpus for Evidence Based Medicine Summarisation
Diego Molla
pp. 76–80
pdf bib Speaker-Dependent Variation in Content Selection for Referring Expression Generation
Jette Viethen and Robert Dale
pp. 81–89
pdf bib Reranking a wide-coverage CCG parser
Dominick Ng and Matthew Honnibal and James R. Curran
pp. 90–98
pdf bib Repurposing Corpora for Speech Repair Detection: Two Experiments
Simon Zwarts and Mark Johnson and Robert Dale
pp. 99–106

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