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About ALTA

About ALTA

Most human knowledge, and most human communication, is represented and expressed using language, both in written and spoken forms. Language technologies permit computers to process human language, providing more natural human-machine interfaces, and more sophisticated access to stored information. Language technologies will play a central role in the multilingual information society of the future.

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ALTA's Mission

The purpose of the Australasian Language Technology Association is to promote language technology research and development in Australia and New Zealand. ALTA will organise regular events for the exchange of research results and for academic and industrial training, and will co-ordinate activities with other professional societies.


ALTA is a founding regional organisation of the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing.

ALTA manages funds for OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad.


ALTA operates according to the ALTA Constitution. For 2017-18, the ALTA Executive Committee is:

Stephen Wan (president)
Ben Hachey (secretary and outgoing President)
Andrew MacKinlay (treasurer)
IBM Research
Yitong Li (student representative)
University of Melbourne
Diego Mollá
Macquarie University
Sarvnaz Karimi
Trevor Cohn
University of Melbourne

Former ALTA Executive Committee members

  • President: Ben Hachey
  • Secretary: Karin Verspoor
  • Treasurer: Andrew MacKinlay
  • Student representative: Kellie Webster
  • Past President: Karin Verspoor
  • General members: Trevor Cohn, Sarvnaz Karimi, Diego Mollá
  • President: Karin Verspoor
  • Secretary: Tim Baldwin
  • Treasurer: Andrew MacKinlay
  • Student representative: Kellie Webster
  • Past President: Tim Baldwin
  • General members: Diego Mollá, Scott Nowson, Stephen Wan
  • President: Tim Baldwin
  • Secretary: Andrew Lampert
  • Student representative: Li Wang
  • Past President: Diego Mollá
  • General members: Mark Johnson, David Martínez, Scott Nowson
  • President: Diego Mollá
  • Secretary: Andrew Lampert
  • Student representative: Pawel Mazur
  • Past President: Rolf Schwitter
  • General members: Dominique Estival, David Martínez
  • President: Rolf Schwitter
  • Secretary: Diego Mollá
  • Student representative: Andrew Lampert
  • Past President: Cécile Paris
  • General members: Dominique Estival, Lawrence Cavedon
  • President: Cécile Paris
  • Secretary: Diego Mollá
  • Student representative: Patrick Ye
  • Past President: Steven Bird
  • General members: Dominique Estival, James Curran, Andrew Lampert
  • President: Steven Bird
  • Secretary: Diego Mollá
  • Student representative: Stephen Wan
  • General members: Robert Dale, Alistai Knott, Cécile Paris

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